How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Touch Screen not Working


Nowadays many laptops and tablets are equipped with a touch screen. Manufacturers also want to improve the tactile experience. This is really good for users who don’t have external input devices like. B. you want to use a keyboard.

Unfortunately, you may be experiencing problems with the touch screen. Many users report problems with the Lenovo touch monitor not working properly. If your Lenovo touch monitor is not working, you should first turn off all devices and reboot the device before trying technical solutions.

If your Lenovo touch Screen is still not working, try the following to solve the problem.

Restart your device

The simplest solution is to reboot the device. It can repair damage to the computer and restore the touch screen. You can try this and see if it solves your problem.

Running the WindowsDiagnostic Tools


Hardware and Device Troubleshooting is a utility built into Windows that you can use to troubleshoot peripherals and devices. You can start the tool with a few mouse clicks.

Step one. Press Windows + I to open the Settings program.

Step two: Go to Updates and Security Troubleshooting.

Step three: Scroll down to Hardware and Devices and press the Troubleshooting button.

This tool starts by looking for related problems. When dunning strategies are found, simply click Apply Correction. Then restart your Lenovo device to see if the touch screen works properly.

Deactivating and reactivating HID-compatible touch screen

This is a fairly simple solution that has worked for other touchscreen devices and may also help you with your Lenovo touchmonitor.

  • Open Start and search for Device Manager. Click on Device Manager in the list of results to open it.
  • When you open Device Manager, go to the Devices section in the user interface and expand it.
  • Under User Interface Devices you will find a HID compatible touch screen.
  • Right-click and select Disable. You may be asked if you are sure you want to turn it off. Then click on Yes.
  • Right-click again on the HID-compatible touchscreen and select Enable.
  • Your touchscreen device should then work.

Install the latest updates for Windows

Make sure you have the latest Windows operating system updates installed on your computer. Microsoft constantly releases updates to improve system stability and correct various problems.

If the touch screen issue is indeed a common bug in Windows 10, Microsoft may have already provided a solution.

To access the Windows update box, type update in the search box. Then go to Windows Update Center, check for updates and install any available updates.

Contact Lenovo Support

If none of the above methods allow you to fix an unresponsive touch monitor, you may need to contact Lenovo Support. They will help you solve the problem and repair or replace the device.

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